walk as far as our house  


we lay our mat     so go
walk here     our mat for you     is laid out
I will rise to greet the life that walks as far as our house
is my life     far from my house      is my life
laying on a mat      you are my li-
I go to lay to rise to meet

distance is the measure of a life
how it lolls how tongues unroll     multiple lands
and we lay our head matted to the soil

soft regrets     I have them    sadly regrets are soft
not real hard mats regrets like pillows
rather have them     rather friend I hand them out
soft regrets for my friends matted head red
in the soil and so he wants soft

I have a pillow and a mat and he when he rises
loves he hates he sad his soft regret of a head
to my cheek and who was world-ed

the fish whose gills come out