Wolverine Farm’s Letterpress Studio:

Vandercook SP15, non-motorized
Chandler & Price New Series 8×12, treadle-driven

Chandler & Price 19″ guillotine paper cutter
Rotatrim, 27″
Assorted metal and wood type
Assorted metal cuts
Slug cutter

Roller setting gauge
Kort guides
Rubber-based inks
1 standard Boxcar Base for polymer plates
Rules and creasing matrix


Assisted Studio Rental
For novice letterpress printmakers, we offer Assisted Studio Rental. An Assisted Studio User has a project or idea and works collaboratively with Wolverine Farm staff to produce the work in our Letterpress Studio.

$75/4 hours
Times must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance with a $20 deposit.

Independent Studio Rental
For experienced letterpress printmakers, we offer Independent Studio Rental. An Independent Studio User possesses adequate skill and knowledge for independent work.

$30/4 hours
$150/30 hours
Times must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance with a $20 deposit.
For independent rental, studio users must take a certification orientation with Wolverine Farm’s Letterpress Printer or have adequate experience and references.

Bespoke Printing

Invitations, announcements, business cards, broadsides, book covers and more, we can either custom design your project or help translate your ideas to the language of letterpress using antique wood and metal type, hand-carved wood or linoleum, or photo-polymer plates.

Estimates provided upon request.


For any level of letterpress printmakers, volunteer at least 3 hours per week on Thursday afternoons from 1 – 5pm for a discount on Studio Rental. Volunteers shadow and assist the letterpress printer with a variety of tasks from typesetting and printing to cleaning and organizing.

For all Letterpress inquiries contact Jes@WolverineFarm.org