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Letterpress & Publick House Update #7

Posted on July 2nd, by Todd Simmons in Blog, Front Page. No Comments

Our momentum allows little time for updates these days, we’re pushing hard to get open before summer abandons us. In the next few weeks we’ll be out-of-doors, working on our landscaping. But for now, we’re still inside, working on the following:


Once we open, what will you do at our Letterpress & Publick House?

Todd Simmons

Letterpress & Publick House Update #6

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Last time we looked up, it was March. We’ve been putting up wood and metal siding with such fierce determination, we missed April and most of May. Well, here’s what we have to show for it:

And now this:

Work has thankfully moved inside, where we’ve been busy with interior finishes such as the ceiling in the Event Hall:

And Trevor Ryan with Wry Goat Studio has been working on our bar. This is his workshop in the midst of creation:

And pieces of the bar panels:

We can’t wait to show you the finished product. We’ll have more to share next week, plus details on when we plan to open up!

Todd Simmons

Letterpress & Publick House Update #1

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Last week, our favorite word was “sawzall” around the Wolverine Farm. After 16 months of internal and external review on our project at 316 Willow, we finally put sweat and muscle into the game. The partial demolition of the current building was fun and invigorating work–the roof was rotten and needed to go anyway, and we intend to build all our farm-style tables out of the salvaged 2×10 rafters. Here’s a rundown of our demo process last week:


Here is the space we bought–a 25′ x 50′ cinder block building with a slightly-pitched-mostly-flat roof. The space was divided up into one large workspace, two bathrooms, one furnace room, and a reception area. What are we taking out you may ask? Everything! All of the plumbing, electrical, internal walls, heating system, roof system, and stepped parapet roof. When we’re done the space will look like a concrete shoe box with the lid removed.


History speaks through marks left on the floor. These beautifully arched incomplete circles were left by office chairs on wheels.


Some of the internal walls are down, the ceiling has been removed, and the space is revealing itself. If you can’t tell, it’s not big. Almost every time that someone visits … Read More »

Why Indiegogo?

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You may be wondering why we decided to go with Indiegogo as our crowdfunding platform.  There are many great options out there to get a project funded.  We chose Indiegogo because they are an open to all projects and getting started is easy and quick and we get to keep all the funds we raise.  They also have special features for nonprofits, which makes them unique among the larger crowdfunding sites.  Because we are a registered 501(c)3, all contributions you make to our project are tax-deductible through FirstGiving, their nonprofits payment processor.  And Indiegogo gives a 25% discount on platform fees to nonprofits, which means if we make our goal($25,000) they will only charge us 3% (if we don’t, it will be 6.75%).

There have been many successful and inspiring Indiegogo projects.  Popular YA author (The Fault in Our Stars) John Green raised almost $400,000 with his Project For Awesome.  Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum got funded with a whopping 1.3 million dollars.  There are heart-warming projects like Let’s Give Karen the Bus Monitor a Vacation ($700,000!!) and some that are just plain cool like the Misfit Shine, a wireless activity tracker.

We’re pretty confident that you will see the value … Read More »

Now is the Time

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We began publishing and working in Fort Collins in 2003. Now, ten years later, we’re embarking on our craziest, loftiest goal yet: to raise at least $25,000 in order to renovate a building into a letterpress print shop and community space devoted to craft.

Once renovated, the new space will be anchored by a letterpress print shop for Wolverine Farm publications, community collaborations, and commercial work. Another local press, Oak Root Press owned by John Major Jenkins, has generously loaned a variety of letterpress equipment, in addition to other pieces WFP owns, to form a complete print shop. WFP intends to work with more local authors and artists utilizing the best of letterpress and digital technology. The new space will include a retail shop for local makers and artisans, and will feature literary, craft and art workshops for adults and children.

Additionally, the space will feature local coffee, beer, and food for public and private events and community outreach programs. A revolving bicycle exhibit will feature the impressive collection of longtime Boneshaker cover artist and local bicycle guru Jeff Nye.  We anticipate interesting collaborations as we gradually increase our bicycle-related publications and print ephemera.

Find our campaign on Indiegogo and tell all your friends … Read More »