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Letterpress & Publick House Update #1

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Last week, our favorite word was “sawzall” around the Wolverine Farm. After 16 months of internal and external review on our project at 316 Willow, we finally put sweat and muscle into the game. The partial demolition of the current building was fun and invigorating work–the roof was rotten and needed to go anyway, and we intend to build all our farm-style tables out of the salvaged 2×10 rafters. Here’s a rundown of our demo process last week:


Here is the space we bought–a 25′ x 50′ cinder block building with a slightly-pitched-mostly-flat roof. The space was divided up into one large workspace, two bathrooms, one furnace room, and a reception area. What are we taking out you may ask? Everything! All of the plumbing, electrical, internal walls, heating system, roof system, and stepped parapet roof. When we’re done the space will look like a concrete shoe box with the lid removed.


History speaks through marks left on the floor. These beautifully arched incomplete circles were left by office chairs on wheels.


Some of the internal walls are down, the ceiling has been removed, and the space is revealing itself. If you can’t tell, it’s not big. Almost every time that someone visits … Read More »

Volunteer Profile: John Campbell

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John Campbell spent the first part of his life in the northeastern part of the United States but has traveled far and wide since his days in Connecticut and Vermont. From the age of 16 John has not been able ignore his need for exploration, travel, and climbing. At 16, John participated in a NOLS 5-week ski traverse of the Chugach Mountains. Exploring Alaska was only the beginning. Climbing seemed to be in his blood; at 17 John went to Peru and Bolivia for an expedition. Alaska had of course been a life changing experience, but leaving the US at 17 opened John’s eyes to a wide world. He realized what a small glimpse he had seen from the states. After South America, John continued to travel and it seems he has been traveling since.

I could not keep track of all of the mountain ranges that John has explored — those he wants to explore again and still others he has yet to explore. These exotic sounding places flowed so easily from John’s mouth; to me they sounded so foreign. Knowing these mountain ranges around the world like the ‘back of his hand’, seems like the most natural thing. Knowing … Read More »

Banned Books Week

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Another week and another fabulous sale at the Wolverine Farm Bookstore. Thanks to Paul, one of our longest tenured volunteers, we have a new display and sale for National Banned Books Week. All banned and challenged books are 25%. If you do not get a chance to visit us this week you should at least take a look on line at some of the lists of challenged and banned books. You  are sure to be surprised about at least a few of the books that you’ll find on the lists. For instance the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary was challenged as recently as 2010 for inappropriate language and you will also find a ton of classics on these lists. Thank you Paul for spending your volunteer time putting together such an important display of books. Paul will also be helping on Thursday evening at our final bike-in cinema fundraiser at New Belgium Brewery. The movie is Animal House so the scene is likely to be a zoo! Come join WFP, Volunteer Paul, and other faithful volunteers for this fun event.


Sustainable Living Fair

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Once again WFP volunteers were working the front line, or should I say the apple press, for the good cause. I’m referring to the 13th Annual Sustainable Living Fair. The yurt was up and it was filled with good books, good people and good smells. Almost everyone who walked in commented on the smell of fresh apples! It was fun to be able to feature the newest Boneshaker and Matterhorn to share with people. Volunteers, some long-term and some brand new, pressed many gallons of cider throughout the weekend on a near 100 year old press! While the apples were being prepared there were also lots of folks talking books, sustainability, simplicity, chickens, music, food, waste, apples, and apple waste — which went to the alpaca and there were even a few author signings. People were visiting from as far away as Florida and California and lots of folks came from other places in Northern Colorado, but almost everyone who entered the yurt was willing to listen and even share some thoughts and of course have a sip of fresh cider! Thank you WFP volunteers.

Friday Night Nick

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Wolverine Farm Publishing(WFP) Co. and Bookstore could not survive without the help of the wonderful volunteers who donate their time, energy and talents. This is not new news and now I would like to tell you about one specific volunteer – Friday night Nick. Nick has been volunteering with WFP for more than a year now and he just keeps giving his time and energy with a good attitude. Not only does he volunteer here at the bookstore every Friday night and Wednesday mornings(as a bike courier) but he also works a real job at Recycled Cycles and recently finished an apprenticeship at Fort Collins Brewery. Wow. When Nick is not working or volunteering he enjoys camping, bikes,and KU Men’s Basketball(they are always champions to him). As if we are not lucky enough to have Nick, every once in a while we get to hang out with his awesome wife Whitney too. What a couple.

I have been the volunteer coordinator for WFP for almost 3 years and volunteers like Nick make me love my job! I will continue to bring profiles of our volunteers – although they deserve much more than a blog shout-out.

Wanted: Volunteers

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At Wolverine Farm Publishing(WFP) we like to mix it up. Recently we got a new logo, a new and improved website and a new name for the bookstore. And now we are shaking up the volunteer world too! One great thing about volunteering for WFP is that if a  retail shift at the bookstore is not your thing, there are lots of other choices that are just as important and helpful.  Below are some new positions that you may be interested in.   Email me (heather@wolverinefarm.org) with any questions.

Bookstore Sales
Three shifts each weekday, and all day on Saturday and Sunday.
Primary Responsibility: Sell books, help customers, spread the good word about WFP.

Bicycle Runner
Poster Hanging/Matterhorn Distribution/CSP Delivery
1 shift per week, 3 hours, time TBD by volunteer & coincide with Todd’s schedule

Pricing, Book Donations, Inventory
2 shifts per week, 3 hours each, time TBD by volunteer

1 shift per week, 3 hours, time TBD
Goals: Monthly front window display, shadow box displays, special sales.

1 shift per week, 3 hours, time TBD
Goal: To solicit and attract author readings, films, and other events that align with our mission, and to help coordinate those events

Literacy Outreach
1-2 shifts per week, 1-3 hours each, Tuesdays at the Remington House, and in-store workshops


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Volunteers are essential to the Wolverine Farm Publishing(WFP) Co. and Bookstore. We currently have about 35 committed volunteers. From the bookstore to events to writing to editing to photography to literacy outreach, WFP relies on volunteers to succeed in reaching our mission. Last year alone volunteers donated about 3500 hours to the bookstore and events. We have a huge variety of volunteers; teachers, marketing consultants, wait staff, doctors, sales people, artists, high school students, college students, editors, writers and scientists. WFP volunteers range in age from 16 to 60.

If you are interested in becoming  a volunteer, check out the on-line application or stop by and pick one up at the store. Wolverine Farm Publishing Co. and Bookstore is located at144 North College Ave.(inside the Bean Cycle Coffee Shop).