Wee Wolverines Children’s Programs


Program Overview:
Wee Wolverines is a holistic early childhood education program for children ages 2-5. Each program focuses on a particular project, while always considering the whole child through a “head, heart and hands” approach. Children will have music circles, story time, movement breaks and one crafty/nature-based activity per session.

Wee Wolverines is designed as a child-without-caregiver program, during which the children will play and explore in an engaging and collaborative environment. Caregivers, who must remain on site during the session, are invited to use this time to enjoy a short break in the cafe. Have a snack or beverage, bring a book or craft, or take this time to get some work done!

Time: All programs are 10:00-11:30am unless otherwise noted
Cost: Individual classes are $15. But when you sign up for four, the fifth class is free!

Wednesday – May 3
Today we will transform into superheroes. We’ll read about real-life superheroes and create our own special powers.

Sunday – May 7
The Earth 1:00-2:00, $10
This class is all about the earth! We’ll look at pictures of earth from space, investigate the tiniest creatures on our planet, and make a few upcycled crafts.

Wednesday – May 10
Celebrating Moms
During today’s class, our project will be creating a special (secret!) craft for Mother’s Day.

Wednesday – May 17
Science Experiments
Today, we will talk about science and gravity and conduct a few different science experiments. This one will be fun and engaging and messy!

Wednesday – May 24
Today, we will wear special garden aprons and get our hands dirty! We will learn how plants grow, decide what to plant in our on-site garden and plant seeds in small pots to take home.

Saturday – May 27
The Ocean
We will spend this class underwater, learning about sea creatures, listening to the ocean and creating our own water animals.

Wednesday – May 31
Forts in the Fort
This class will be all about Fort Collins. We’ll learn a little kid-friendly history and build forts to celebrate our town.

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Classes are $15 each, but if you sign up for four, the fifth is free!
If you have any questions email Brittany@wolverinefarm.org