Animazing Coloring Book: An Alphabetical Collection of Unusual Animals


Author: Sherise Talbott
ISBN: 978-1-937896-13-3
Format: Paperback, 26 pages
Release Date: December 17th, 2016

A perfect book for young and old alike! Featuring fascinating creatures from all over the world, Sherise captures the personality of each with her delicate pen and ink drawings. From the Aardwolf to the Zonure, each illustration includes a brief description, bound to pique your curiosity and inspire your coloring adventures. And, the pages are perforated, so you can remove the pages and hang your colorful collaborations with Sherise anywhere you like!

About the Author / Illustrator.
Sherise Talbott resides in Denver, Colorado as a Ceramicist and Illustrator. She earned her Fine Arts degree in Fort Collins, Colorado, where she first put her hands in clay. She is a self taught illustrator and developed her skills through years of journaling and taking occasional drawing classes in school. She finds her inspiration in nature and in the company of close friends and critters. Animals have been a curiosity and a source of joy to Sherise her whole life. She is currently working on a children’s book and a series of ceramic designs featuring all her favorite animals.

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