Craft Sunday: Nature Weaving


Craft Sunday: Nature Weaving

Learn how to weave on a simple loom that we will make in class out of wooden sticks found in nature. We will learn how to make a simple loom, warp it (string the vertical threads) and weave on it (the horizontal threads/yarns). All materials, ie: wooden sticks, yarn, fiber, feathers, fabric strips, beads, buttons, and more will be provided in class. Feel free to bring any sticks, bones, threads, yarns, and other items that you found or have secretly stashed over the years. This is a creative art project that is not limited to the described materials. Bring anything sentimental, personal, such as found objects that you would like to include in this wall art/ornament.

This class will take place on the patio of Wolverine Farm.
Guided by Melina Bernhardt of Melina Be Creations.
Advance reservation is required, class is limited to 12 students.
Date & Time: June 23rd, 4:00-6:00pm
Registration Fee: $30

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