Harpy Shack


Inspired by medieval illuminations, tarot symbolism, and surrealist animals, this 360-degree mural brings a fantastical world of starlight and mythical beasts to life.
Artwork by Willow Sedam

Wolverine Farm presents Cozy Shacks. Make a reservation for up to two in one of our themed date night huts. Choose between the Mythical Shack, Bio Shack, and Shag (rug) Shack– $5 for an hour and a half. Sip and snack on your usual Publick House fare like our sweet dreamer late, Vienna cappuccino, or our signature “twisted turtle” (prosecco and kombucha!), as well as beer, wine, cider, tea, juice, etc. Cozy shack rentals also come with an option to borrow our button maker or typewriter while listening to your favorite playlist.


Please note, the $5 reservation fee is for a full 90 minute period and is non refundable. Reservations can be requested to change times/dates on a case by case basis. Capacity 2 people per shack.

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