Special Concert with Cross Eyed Possum and Eva Rose King (7/2 at 6:30pm)

Cross-Eyed Possum and Eva Rose King are coming together to create an intimate night of music with Wolverine Farm this Tuesday, July 2nd.

The Cross-Eyed Possum is an identical twin led Americana/Newgrass band that plays with the energy of a folk-rock band through the lens of intimacy created as an acoustic trio. They are currently touring across the country with their album “Out On My Own” which in its highs plays to “a courage to step out of the front door and into the possibilities of the world otherwise undiscovered on the safety of the couch.”

Eva Rose King is a poetic soulful folk singer based right here in Fort Collins. She is putting together her newest album “After Tale” which will arrive to in late 2024. The story of the album “refers to a post-script or, in this case, things said too late.”

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