The Life in Us is Like the Water in the River


Author: Todd Simmons

Cover art: Michael Bussmann

ISBN: 978-1-937896-20-1

Format: Paperback with French flaps, 73 pages

Release Date: December 2022

One-time poster boy for water conservation in Colorado, Todd Simmons acquires a free, aboveground pool off of Craigslist, and his backyard and family life become ground zero for deep reflection on water in the West. As Simmons wrestles with his own water use, we’re simultaneously thrown into the fight to dam the Cache la Poudre River, the only Wild & Scenic River in all of Colorado.

At turns meditative, comical, and lyrical, The Life in Us is Like the Water in the River weaves in and around the most hotly-contested issue in the West through an unexpected lens.

Where in the world are we, and what are we doing with our days?


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