Tiny Boat Flotilla


Due to high flows, boats entered in the tiny boat flotilla will not be retrieved and therefore must be constructed entirely of driftwood and non-offensive non-treated discarded scraps of milled wood.
No exceptions!


Join us for the largest race of the tiniest boats the Poudre River has ever seen in the first ever Tiny Boat Flotilla!

Sign up here to enter our Tiny Boat Flotilla. We encourage you to build your floating vessel with natural materials of anything that will decompose within a year (we do plan on sweeping the river post race to ensure that no boats are left behind).

The Tiny Boat Flotilla will begin on both banks of the Poudre at the Whitewater Park and the race will end at the Linden Street Bridge.

Entries will be judged on speed and style and winning boats will receive prizes.

Remember, anything that floats is a boat so swim outside the box and wow us!

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