Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local makers of all kinds. In order to better serve the maker and artist community and to encourage individual artists and makers to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Maker in Residence (MIR) program. Each month we select a local maker who agrees to be present and in good maker form at the Publick House throughout the month, and to perform a free, public, in-house event or workshop.


OCTOBER Elizabeth Fuller

Elizabeth Fuller (she/her) is a watercolorist working locally out of Fort Collins Colorado. She has a degree in fine art with a concentration in oil painting and several years experience teaching folks of all ages and levels classical art technique in an atelier setting. Currently, she enjoys exploring themes of spirituality and physicality as she focuses on creating a tarot deck and by painting gender diverse figures live. 

Special Event

Figure Drawing with Elizabeth Fuller

SEPTEMBER Lauren Smith of Cosmic Heart Arts

Cosmic Heart Arts is a series of ever evolving ideas, projects, and hand crafted creations…most recently in the form of silversmithing.

In short…It began with funky fun light installations in the form of Suncatchers…using healing crystals to bring more light into your sacred spaces. Somewhere along the way, there was a call to pick up a torch and give it a go at metalsmithing. With a deep love for nature and her gifts, metalsmithing has proved to be a beautiful way to transform Earth’s finest into wearable forms of art. It is an interest that has quickly turned into a passion. 

All of Lauren’s pieces are created from her studio in Fort Collins Colorado. Small batch crafted, & created with her own two hands. She is a Silversmith, Sound Healer, Yoga Instructor, & nature enthusiast. Find her & her creations on Instagram @cosmicheartarts.

Special Event

Coming soon..

AUGUST Jeff Chelf

Jeff Chelf is an artist and maker that is curious to explore how we form a sense of agency to our built environment. His work has ranged from performance to a six year stint as a custom furniture maker. Most recently, he has shifted to sewing because of its small footprint and utility to everyday life. His current interest is focused on bags and cases (objects that store objects) as they bridge a divide between the self and our things – and fit into a vision of fulfilling our own material needs.

Jeff will spend the month of August making bags for trade. Whether a hip pack, bike frame bag, or wallet he wants to barter with members of the community for goods and services. Custom made objects are out of reach for most individuals, through exploring an alternative economy he wants to put hand crafted objects into homes without the exchange of money. 
Instagram: @jeffchelf

Special Event

Coming soon..

JULY Joey Miranda

Joey Miranda is a potter, but dabbles in bookbinding, embroidery, and mending with any extra free time. He mostly works towards functional and authentic clay shapes that help to give us all a sense of meaning, culture, and community through a simple, process oriented approach to making. Why make things so complex, when the ancient stuff is so good? He is, after it is all said and done, trying to unlearn some of the ways in which we live now, and remember what we have lost from the past. See more here.

Special Event:

Pottery Decorating with Joey Miranda


MARCH Willow Sedam

Willow is a Fort Collins artist working across many different mediums, who was not born but instead crawled out of a muddy swamp, fully-formed, in the dead of night. Much of her work is inspired by animals – not the majestic, overdone animals like lions and tigers, but the centipedes, salamanders and snails, the amazingly complex creatures that live at the bottom of the ocean, or under rotting bark, that are just as beautiful as they are unreal. Willow’s work has taken her from crochet to assemblage, comics to zines, to pottery and computer graphics, all while trying to toe the line between fascinating and unsettling, familiar and alien, slimy and awe-inspiring.

Special Event: Totally Tubular: A soft Sculpture Workshop

FEBRUARY Chris Jones / Sweet Malarky

Chris Jones is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Fort Collins, Colorado. His film photography is a juxtaposition of nature and street, often most concerned with where they overlap and intercede one another, magnifying and accelerating the comedy to be found in everyday moments and architecture. Last year, he released Meander, a two volume zine of color photos taken over the course of four years. His drawing and painting work is immersed in the world of indie comics. Chris creates amorphous tessellating landscapes and the beings who are born from, navigate through, and decay back into these landscapes. When paired with his sparse prose, these settings and characters coalesce into stories that are contemplative, humorous, and often bittersweet. Chris released his feature length comic “From a Speck to a Swarm” in 2018 and in 2019 released several collaborative zines: “Planet Parking Lot” “Department of Sacrilege” and “For the Love of Glob.” He regularly showcases work, has painted a variety of murals and commissions, and curates Launch’s All Hands On Deck fundraiser art show.

Special Event: Imposter Syndrome Zine Release

JANUARY Chad Seidel / The Open and Closed Institute

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vol. 2
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january 17, 2020