Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local makers of all kinds. In order to better serve the maker and artist community and to encourage individual artists and makers to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Maker in Residence (MIR) program. Each month we select a local maker who agrees to be present and in good maker form at the Publick House throughout the month, and to perform a free, public, in-house event or workshop.


DECEMBER Hannah Ruth Miner

Hannah Ruth Miner is a watercolor artist based out of Fort Collins, Colorado.
Since her childhood, she’s taken an interest towards drawing and zoology. In college, she enjoyed illustrating the human figure and expanded this interest when she began to take figure drawing classes in 2016. Hannah’s work took a transition from the human figure to wildlife in 2017 when she started taking watercolor a bit seriously. What started as a simple series of animal paintings for a project exploded into a full concentration. After graduating college, she continued her concentration through the pandemic and laid low for a while. She made the decision to make her practice into a career after moving Colorado in 2021. Since then, Hannah began experimenting with more color rather than grayscale and added a further chaotic element to her works. To this day, she is currently still gathering knowledge and abstracting them into wild imagery of animals and human figures using her ideas with a twist of color, and repetition.

Join Hannah at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week of the month.


Izze is a non-binary special education teacher at Fort Collins High. They moved to Colorado from Oklahoma in August of 21’ to be closer to their sisters, Jo and Sophia. During Covid Izze began painting and it quickly became more than an activity to pass the time. They began by recreating album covers then transitioned to portraits, experimenting with more vivid colors. The move to Colorado provided the inspiration needed to create their personalized style, which consists of big, bright colors and even bigger afros. As an African American person, they grew up experiencing microaggressions targeting their hair, which–supposedly–was too big and in the way. They challenged this bigotry by making it the focal point of their artwork. Their portraits feature female-bodied individuals with long alien-like necks and hair too big to fit on the canvas. The lack of well-defined facial features in their work shifts attention to a central part of Black identity–hair. Izze has begun reconnecting with their roots in Western Africa, allowing their culture to permeate their art.

Join Izze at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week of the month.

OCTOBER Rorey King

Rorey has been drawing since parent-mandated quiet time and indoor recess, and is still exploring their relationship to art. They are most excited about creating to learn—switching up scale, medium, and subject matter for both the DIY lessons in craft and for the sake of pursuing, processing, and integrating information about identity, ecology, feminist theory, and social histories, and how all of it (all of us) is (are) connected. Mostly, they create just because they like to.

photo credit: Autumn Wongchong

Join Rorey at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week of the month.

SEPTEMBER Anna Schneider

Hiya. I live in Fort Collins with my husband and two daughters and I’m newer to the art world. Last year I started my Etsy shop where I sell my textured, abstract oil and acrylic paintings. 

Textured and abstract creations are my favorite and offer the most freedom of expression to me. I just go with it and let the energy, colors and textures guide me. I like to get messy when I paint. If I plan to much about what I want a piece to be, my body and heart never seem to follow. I’m a perfectionist and planner in most other areas if my life so my art is an important process of letting go and being in touch with my intuitions. Very freeing.

I spent my childhood in Hawaii, loving the ocean and adulthood in Colorado, loving the mountains. Mama nature and the outdoors are a part of who I am and important in my art. I earned my undergrad and graduate degree in Social Work, working in the adoption field. When I had my daughters I decided to focus on mom-ing full time. Being home with my girls is when I began to pursue my artistic side and dedicate more time to pursuing my art as more than just a hobby.

Join Anna at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week of the month.

AUGUST Travis Varra

Born and raised in Fort Collins and been back in town for the past nine years. Working as an advanced battery technology scientist by day. Constantly at odds and in collaboration with the analytical and abstract sides of my brain. Perfection is overrated. Love to explore and experiment with new mediums. Primarily pen and ink work, but dabble in pottery, lino, painting, marbling, and woodworking. Make art, be weird, and enjoy yourself.

Join Travis at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week of the month.

JULY Julia Goolsby

Julia Goolsby practices poetry, pottery, and pen and ink art. She is interested in misrepresentations and misperceptions of the natural world, which is conveniently also her drawing style. Her most frequently ordered drink at Wolverine is the kombucha. She was the Reader in Residence last September, during the armchair by the bathroom epoch, and once in a blue moon she likes to think about how poetry and visual art combine. She also really likes Wolverine’s coffee, of course.  Recently, she made a series of poetry and art exploring iconic trees in their seed form and the etymological roots of their names. You can see the drawings associated with “Seeds of Thought” here. In the past year, she has also started throwing pottery and is currently considering a foray into linocut printmaking. On Saturday afternoons, you can usually find her at Wolverine eating a bagel. 

Join Julia at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week in July.

JUNE Adam Martin

Adam Martin is an abstract visual artist who’s focus is to tell stories through art. Inspired by the connections we’re a part of in every day life.
“I moved for Fort Collins in March of 2021 in a blind pursuit of my artist dreams, and something about this town just felt like it was right where I needed to be. Since then, I’ve been really fortunate to have met some of the most amazing, and diverse people I’ve ever met. I found a community of people who are all unique and yet work so well together. Which really inspired my work. So much so, that for the last about 8 months, my focus has been to tell deeper stories about human connection and diversity, through abstract line work and characters. The styles of which I tell these stories are ever evolving, but to me, the evolution is the exciting part of it all. Because it grows as I grow.”

Join Adam at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week in June.

MAY Fulvia Serra

It feels weird talking about myself in the third person, so there you go.

I am a little bit of a nomad, in all aspects of my like. Living in Fort Collins at the moment and exploring my desire to make art for the first time in any serious way.

I grew up in Italy, traveled all over the place and then moved to Philadelphia. There I lived for 11 years and supported myself and my daughter teaching Philosophy and Italian studies at various universities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

In the meantime, I was taking art classes, whenever possible, at the Fleisher Art Memorial, where I studied figure drawing and sculpture.

I have been living in Colorado for almost 7 years now and I am studying ceramics at the local community college. I am working on a project that explores the ways women occupy the domestic sphere represented by the ceramic pot.

Join Fulvia at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week in May.

APRIL Shirley Man-Kin Leung

Shirley Man-Kin Leung identifies as a queer, asian-american woman of color. She is a pianist, yoga and tai chi teacher and coordinator for FCCAN on the homelands of Cheyenne, Arapaho, and Ute nations, also known as northern colorado. Shirley spends a lot of her time desperately trying to meld together two (artificially) separated worlds- the body work/spiritual realm and social movement organizing. She enjoys combining her skills and knowledge from ethnic studies, women and gender studies with her passion for music, writing and creative movement to try to create something that can be transformative, healing and (gasp) pleasurable for her community.When not being self- referential in a bio, you can find her playing with her dogs, biking around town, taking naps, or reading a book.

Join Shirley at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week in March.

MARCH Cristyn Hypnar

Cristyn Hypnar (she/her, she thinks, for now) is still figuring out who she is, and what that means. She hopes this will be a never-ending question, with lots of twists and turns and surprises along the way. Some days she is an artist, some days a designer, some days a poet, and some days something not entirely human. Most days she makes things. Every day she loves her cat, Crow.

In the past, Cristyn’s work has gravitated towards the representational—photography of the mundane and detailed drawings of the natural world that ask the viewer to slow down and take a closer look at what surrounds them. Currently, Cristyn is interested in exploring the more intangible realms: digging into questions of ever-shifting identities and reconnecting with her Jewish ancestry, and looking at the past as a key to unlock access to more authentic future possibilities.

Come say hi and check out the project she is working on this month at Wolverine, “My Anxiety, Myself, and I” (working title)—an autobiographical comic that explores her relationship to herself, her brain, her Catholic upbringing, and past traumas. You can view her design work and some of her previous artwork on her website and Instagram page

Join Cristyn at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last week in March.

FEBRUARY Jakob Mueller

Photo by Ben Ward

Jakob Mueller (he/him) is a Danish-American graphic designer, printmaker, and songwriter based in Fort Collins, CO, specializing in LP/single art, merch design, and 50s/60s/70s inspired modernist design.

Aside from creating visual art, Jakob plays guitar/sings in the Colorado-based band, Slow Caves, and writes solo music under the name Cody. Jakob is passionate about using visual arts and music as a means to invite connection, inclusivity, and positivity.

Jakob received his BFA in Art with a Concentration in Graphic Design from Colorado State University in 2020.

Current design portfolio: www.jakobmuellerdesign.com

Slow Caves: www.slowcaves.com

Cody: www.codyisrisen.com

Join Jakob at our monthly Residency Showcase, the last Wednesday of February (2/23)

JANUARY Beeta Vafaee

Beeta Vafaee is a visual artist dabbling in both the worlds of film photography and painting.  She received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and Art Studio: Darkroom Processes. Beeta began painting from a very young age, always wanting to paint blank walls and furniture. This transcended into creating paintings that are vibrant in color, texture, and or patterns that tell stories. 

“I find it easiest to process emotions through my painting. To put a visual to words and feelings I cannot otherwise understand and process in a conventional sense. All of my paintings have a specific story and/or experience that put me in a mental state where the question was never ‘what should I paint?’ but rather, ‘how can I make sense of what happened?’. “

When not painting, Beeta loves taking the camera everywhere she goes to snap photos of people wherever they are, doing the everyday things they do. She learns from the natural beauty and shapes of the human body as an opportunity to truly see someone.


DECEMBER Zach Leonard

OCTOBER Elizabeth Fuller

SEPTEMBER Lauren Smith of Cosmic Heart Arts

AUGUST Jeff Chelf

JULY Joey Miranda


MARCH Willow Sedam

FEBRUARY Chris Jones / Sweet Malarky

JANUARY Chad Seidel / The Open and Closed Institute