Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local makers of all kinds. In order to better serve the maker and artist community and to encourage individual artists and makers to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Maker in Residence (MIR) program. Every three months we select a local maker who agrees to be present and in good maker form at the Publick House throughout the term, and to perform a free, public, in-house event or workshop.

2024 Makers In Residence

SPRING (April-June) Liz Ortiz

Liz Ortiz is a Fort Collins-based multidisciplinary artist who specializes in various printmaking methods and techniques. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) with concentrations in Photo Image Making and Printmaking from Colorado State University. Daughter of a Mexican native, Liz was the first in her family to attend and graduate from a university.

During her academic career, Liz focused on intaglio, lithography, and woodcut printmaking methods, as well as analog black-and-white photography. She currently focuses on relief block printing and is exploring other accessible methods which mimic traditional techniques such as intaglio and lithography. 

Liz’s imagery focuses on graceful and bold line work to create impactful figures and nature-inspired compositions. She is inspired by the infinite gestural line work of nature and aims to embody this natural occurrence in her work. 

As the founder of Mad Hare Press LLC, a Latina-owned local small business dedicated to the world of printmaking, Liz combines traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques to produce unique and captivating artwork. Mad Hare Press offers a two-fold experience, centered around printing and selling hand-carved fine art prints as well as educating individuals through printmaking and multi-media workshops.Liz’s journey as a Latina artist and small business owner is a testament to her dedication and passion for the art of printmaking. 

Find Liz at the Publick House throughout the season and at the Residency Showcase sometime around the solstice.

WINTER (January-March) Sonya Richards

“I am Sonya Richards, and I am a Dutch artist currently living in Fort Collins, CO. Prior to CO I spent fourteen years in Portland, OR, where I worked at a print shop, and ran an art supply store and teaching space. With a love for traditional craft skills, my work embraces color and texture with a contemporary twist. I work in many different mediums: book arts, as well as fiber arts, print, and illustration.

With over fifteen years of teaching experience I am most passionate about making connections, sharing ideas, and ways to create, both old and new.”

Sonya Richards has a degree in Studio Arts from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, and teaches creative workshops around town. 

Find Sonya at the Publick House throughout the season and at the Residency Showcase sometime around the equinox.

2023 Makers in Residence


SEPTEMBER + OCTOBER Kristy Beachy-Quick


MAY + JUNE Jessica MacMaster

MARCH + APRIL Ayelet Golz



DECEMBER Hannah Ruth Miner


OCTOBER Rorey King

SEPTEMBER Anna Schneider

AUGUST Travis Varra

JULY Julia Goolsby

JUNE Adam Martin

MAY Fulvia Serra

APRIL Shirley Man-Kin Leung

MARCH Cristyn Hypnar

FEBRUARY Jakob Mueller

JANUARY Beeta Vafaee


DECEMBER Zach Leonard

OCTOBER Elizabeth Fuller

SEPTEMBER Lauren Smith of Cosmic Heart Arts

AUGUST Jeff Chelf

JULY Joey Miranda


MARCH Willow Sedam

FEBRUARY Chris Jones / Sweet Malarky

JANUARY Chad Seidel / The Open and Closed Institute