Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local makers of all kinds. In order to better serve the maker and artist community and to encourage individual artists and makers to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Maker in Residence (MIR) program. Every two months we select a local maker who agrees to be present and in good maker form at the Publick House throughout the term, and to perform a free, public, in-house event or workshop.

2023 Makers in Residence

SEPTEMBER + OCTOBBER Kristy Beachy-Quick

Kristy Beachy-Quick is currently a practitioner of reading, writing, and making pottery, having previously worked in social policy research and evaluation, and briefly in public health. As a “maker” she is learning through the pottery sequence at CSU taught by Sanam Emami and Del Harrow, and is a member of the Northern Colorado Pottery Guild.

Find Kristy at the residency Showcase the end of October.


From fashion to nail art & everything in between –

All interconnected with threads of sustainability + community. 

My bodies of work contract and expand, breathing into existence what I am here to do : COLLECT. CREATE. COLLABORATE. CONNECT. 

Bold scrawling acrylic marks on canvas, an assault to some sensibilities. 

High fashion cascading in scraps, rewarded with recognition & thought. Hands that illicit others self limitations and dazzle on anyway!

You can follow all my diff proclivities here: Briekole.com  @yobriekole  @ganja_claws @ganjaclawsdwollhaus 

Find Brie at the residency Showcase the last week in August.

MAY + JUNE Jessica MacMaster

Jessica MacMaster is a maker at her handmade shop, JMac Made and had her first fiber-art show, right here at Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House, in 2019. She is a founding member of the Comedy Brewers – Fort Collins Improv Troupe, an actor with Openstage Theater & Company, and co-founder of The Story Bakers (an assembly program for elementary students).

Find Jessica at the residency Showcase the last week in June.

MARCH + APRIL Ayelet Golz

Ayelet is a sewist and freelance video editor and content strategist, who dabbles in lots of different crafts in her spare time: crochet, embroidery, mending, pottery, abstract painting with acrylic inks, and lots more.

Find Ayelet at the residency Showcase the last week in April.


Em Daugherty is a genderqueer film photographer and developer in Fort Collins, CO. Embracing gentle moments from home she documents how she navigates tenderness, internal trust, and discipline through a visual diary of expired film, experimental photography, and self-portraiture. Em offers film developing services to the Northern Colorado community, hand developed with care in small batches, and private lessons in film photography. You can find her work on Instagram at @queershootsfilm and on her website at www.daughertyphotographs.com.

Find Em at the residency Showcase, the last week in February.


DECEMBER Hannah Ruth Miner


OCTOBER Rorey King

SEPTEMBER Anna Schneider

AUGUST Travis Varra

JULY Julia Goolsby

JUNE Adam Martin

MAY Fulvia Serra

APRIL Shirley Man-Kin Leung

MARCH Cristyn Hypnar

FEBRUARY Jakob Mueller

JANUARY Beeta Vafaee


DECEMBER Zach Leonard

OCTOBER Elizabeth Fuller

SEPTEMBER Lauren Smith of Cosmic Heart Arts

AUGUST Jeff Chelf

JULY Joey Miranda


MARCH Willow Sedam

FEBRUARY Chris Jones / Sweet Malarky

JANUARY Chad Seidel / The Open and Closed Institute