Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local performers. In order to better serve the music and artist community and to encourage individual artists to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Musician in Residence (MUIR) program. The music residency hosts four artists for a three month period, holding space for exploration, experimentation, and collaboration! These concerts are held upstairs (or outside in the summer) every Wednesday at 6pm and open to the public. We encourage tips and donations to the musicians.


Sweet Virginia

Raised in Auburn, Alabama, Sweet Virginia picked up the guitar as a child & grew up singing in the church. Her southern upbringing shines through amongst Indie-Rock & Classic Country themes on her debut release. Virginia’s music is as honest as it is captivating.

Catch Sweet Virginia at the Publick House every First Wednesday: 4/3, 5/1, 6/5.


Are the Nadalands found in the abandoned periphery of Caribbean cities or are they all around us? Amidst a strummed 12-string acoustic guitar, ambient soundscapes, and foreboding drones, Fort Collins-based songwriter John Lindenbaum (The Lonelyhearts, Rust Belt Music, The Distances) answers this question with densely lyrical tales of apocalyptic nostalgia. Two decades of live shows have featured stories of societal discord, prophetic clairvoyance, imperial decline, environmental collapse, and doomed romance. The Days of Awe LP, the 15th record by Nadalands, was released in 2023”.

Catch Nadalands at the Publick House every Second Wednesday:4/10, 5/8, 6/12.

Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread are Ella and Maddy Zuellig; a banjo, fiddle, guitar playing, singing sister duo from Fort Collins, Colorado. Surrounded by traditional music since birth, they perform old ballads and songs from early American music. Driving rhythms and twin sister harmonies will bring you back in time. When Ella and Maddy aren’t playing with each other, you can find them in late night jams or with the MoCo rounders, the youngest up and coming square dance bands. Name for check: Ella Zuellig.

Catch Needle & Thread at the Publick House every Third Wednesday: 4/17, 5/15, 6/19.

Dead Failure

Influenced by the likes of Sigur Ros, Bon Iver, and Radiohead, Dead Failure’s music embodies optimism intertwined with the raw truths of existence. The moniker itself, “Dead Failure,” serves as a poignant reminder of life’s impermanence and the fleeting nature of human achievement. Lead by Elijah Perdomo whose vocal prowess takes center stage, Elijah is a multi-instrumentalist, fluently navigating keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars. Yet, it’s Ableton Live that he considers his primary instrument—a tool for crafting sonic landscapes that captivate and mesmerize. Supported by the incredibly versatile Masha Eads on bass (Catcalls, Kites in Lightning, Julie Koenig) and the endlessly creative Erik Zylstra on Drums.

Catch Dead Failure at the Publick House every Last Wednesday: 4/24, 5/29, 6/27.

Previous Musicians in Residence: