Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local writers of all genres. In order to better serve the writing community and encourage individual authors and poets to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Writer in Residence (WIR) program. Each month we select a local writer who agrees to be present and in good writing form at the Publick House throughout the month, and to perform a free, public, in-house reading or workshop in collaboration with our other monthly residents.


AUGUST Silen Wellington

Silen Wellington(they/he) is a sculptor of sound, artist of people, storyteller, witch, genderqueer shapeshifter, mercurial name collector, and lover, among other things. They make art as an act of service, healing, disruption and magic, weaving together disciplines of poetry, acoustic sound, electronics, ritual, and performance art. In the world of writing, they were the 2021 winner of the Paul G. Quinnett Lived Experience Essay Competition hosted by the American Association of Suicidology, have been published in second edition of Trans Bodies, Trans Selvesand served as co-editor & co-steward for the first two issues of Bleeding Thunder: A Zine Exploring Genderqueer MenstruationTheir writing is often heard on stage alongside their music and performance art. Their work has been performed in gardens whispering delightful fae dances to the trans-ancestors that escape definition, featured boys in dresses next to saxophones, unveiled prescription label collages amid chaotic soundscapes of dysphoria, and given permission to intramuscular testosterone injections under expansive life-giving harmonics. Besides writing & music, Silen enjoys harvesting stories, unhinged-unfettered-unapologetic dance, and falling in love.

Join Silen at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last week of the month.

JULY Abigail Thomas

Abigail Thomas was born and raised in Nebraska, and now calls Fort Collins her home. She started writing as a child, and currently focuses on poetry and nonfiction. She loves exploring identity, origin, and where the political and personal intersect. She has published works in undergraduate literary magazines and is currently working on a chapbook.  

Abigail earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing with honors from Colorado State University. Nowadays, you can find her crafting, contemplating tattoo designs, and playing with her (partner’s) cat Umm.

Join Abigail at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last week of the month.

JUNE G Mcdonald

 “blink and you’ll miss him”

Join G at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last week of the month.

MAY Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson has been writing since childhood. Notable early works include Murphy Brown and Mad About You episode recaps in his childhood diary, and overly personal essays published in his college literary magazine at the University of Northern Colorado. His education is in English Literature, Shakespeare studies, and film criticism. Ryan writes essays, poetry and short fiction, and is joining the Wolverine Farm fellowship to work on a play. He also worked for many years in narrative audio production, at NPR member station KUNC in Greeley, Colorado. Ryan spends a lot of time with his husband, an educator, and a menagerie of animals including Doug, a dachshund, Tiffany, a small cat, and three chickens: Charlotte, The Brown One, and The Other Brown One. He does not have an M.F.A., but often says casually and to no one in particular, “should I get an M.F.A.?”

Join Ryan at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last week of the month.

APRIL Melissa Mitchell

California born & Colorado raised, Melissa Mitchell calls Fort Collins home today. Writing since the age of nine, she has always seen the world through the lens of the smallest things. Nuance, innocence and connection knit her pieces together. Listening to her work has a way of bringing your own life into deep relief, revealing patterns and habits in your nature, aiming to inspire and affirm. 
Melissa enjoys writing short fiction, poetry and essays. These days she finds herself procrastinating, learning to love well and feeling life so entirely that it overflows onto the page and into your lap. A writer not to be missed, indeed one to be kept close. Melissa earned her degree in creative writing from Colorado State University and has worked professionally as a technical writer and staff writer for various publications for over 15 years.

Join Melissa at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last week of the month.

MARCH Bryce O’Tierney

Bryce M. O’Tierney is a multidisciplinary artist from Anchorage, Alaska. Her work as musician and writer is scored through exchange: between nonverbal and verbal, human and greater-than-human, the improvised and composed. Lines of inquiry include: inheritance, embodiment, mental health, and the erotic. Bryce’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Ireland ReviewAnchorage Daily NewsTupelo Quarterly, and RHINO Poetry.   

Bryce is currently an MFA Candidate & Teaching Fellow at Colorado State U., and holds degrees with honors from Northwestern University and Trinity College, Dublin. She composes, records, and performs in touring duo maeve & quinn with her twin, Maris (commissions with Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Steppenwolf Theatre, Poetry Foundation, Chicago Composers Orchestra, Anchorage Symphony). 

Join Bryce at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last Wednesday of the month (3/30).


Boston-born and Cardiff -bred, singer-songwriter and seasoned front  woman Ilana Held performs under the stage name, Mystee. Drawing  inspiration from love and loss in the face of a long spree of bad luck,  Held weaves an American folk mentality into her hook-laden indie pop music. Find her music here.

Her favorite part of the songwriting process is crafting the lyrics. She  likes to compare lyric writing to fitting together the pieces of a puzzle  and uses it as an opportunity to craft a world in which her songs can  live. Drawn to the page by her own personal demons and nightmares, as well as the turbulent nature of her personal journey, she uses songwriting as a form of therapy and self expression. 

More recently, Held has started to broaden her writing into prose. She tries to focus on the tiny details that inform the fabric of truth. She is  fascinated by the relationships between characters and the little tics  that make stories relatable, the often over-looked instances that make  a world come to life.

Join Ilana at our monthly Residence Showcase, the last Wednesday of the month (2/23).

JANUARY Samuel Clark

Samuel Clark (he/him/his) is a 2019 alumnus of the University of North Carolina Wilmington, where he graduated with his MFA in fiction. He is the recipient of the LGBTQ+ writer scholarship for The Muse & The Marketplace 2019, a partial scholarship recipient to Sundress Academy for the Arts, and a 2021 candidate for the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop. He’s currently working on a novel length fairy tale retelling, with a focus on gender, sexuality, and toxic masculinity, and is signed on with Cassie Mannes Murray of Howland Literary. He lives in Fort Collins, CO with his adopted cat, Emily D.

Join Samuel at our monthly Residence Variety Show, the last Thursday of each month (1/27).




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