Wolverine Farm Publishing and Wolverine Farm Letterpress and Publick House strive to be valuable resources for local writers of all genres. In order to better serve the writing community and encourage individual authors and poets to interact with one another and build a strong network, we present the Writer in Residence (WIR) program. Each month we select a local writer who agrees to be present and in good writing form at the Publick House throughout the month, and to perform a free, public, in-house reading or workshop.



Dana Guber (she/her) is a white-bodied, Ashkenazi Jew whose ancestors come from the Rhineland in Germany as well as the Pale of Settlement in Eastern Europe. She was born and raised on occupied Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute Territories, also known as the Front Range in Colorado.  As an anarchist, writer, artist,  folk herbalist, plant and animal steward, extreme introvert, and underground organizer, she rewilds the world through acts of chaotic gardening, disorganized mutual aid efforts, ancestor inspired writing and artwork, radical housing and co-living practices, and intentional resource redistribution.

Special event:

Writing With The Ancestors

OCTOBER Jeremy Garrison

Jeremy Garrison (he/him/his) is a writer from Tulsa, Oklahoma who moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to study economics in graduate school. He has a diverse range of interests and pursuits—in addition to writing—including traveling the world, playing piano and guitar, organizing environmental and social action, reading, being outside, learning, and teaching, all of which blend into each other to some degree and all of which influence his writing. He has been published in a Tulsa magazine and a college literary journal. He is currently seeking an agent for his first book, an upmarket fantasy novel called The Story Beyond the Hearth, and he is working on a new speculative YA novella. While Writer in Residence, he intends to finish the rough draft of the latter and begin revision.

Special event:

Creative Writing Workshop with Jeremy Garrison


Erica Reid (she/her) is an MFA candidate in Poetry at Western Colorado University. In 2021 her poetry was commissioned by the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra and also won the Yellowwood Poetry Prize. Erica’s poems have been recently published or are forthcoming in Able Muse, Pinesong, Think Journal, Twenty Bellows, Yalobusha Review, and more.

Special event:

How to Read a Poem: An All-Levels Workshop

AUGUST Nora Ashe

Nora Ashe is a science fiction novelist who had the (mis?)fortune of publishing a sci-fi book, which featured a deadly global pandemic, in the middle of the deadly 2020 global pandemic.  Blood and Bone’s first draft was completed in January 2020 with the final product hitting shelves that October.

The timing was not intentional.

She plans to use her Residency at Wolverine to outline Blood and Bone’s sequel and to finish the first draft of an unrelated novel: The Necromancer’s Ritual, a Sumerian god-based fantasy.  She’s taking the lessons from publishing her first novel and is re-examining the hero’s journey in detail in order to improve her writing process.  Her seminar will explore the story beats between two best selling books: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and the Hunger Games, two franchise-launching books that follow the monomyth formula closely.

Special event:

Coming Soon…

JULY Cory Marshall Spangler

Pittsburgh native, author, photographer, artist and inveterate laborer, Cory Marshall Spangler was honored to be asked to be the Writer in Residence at Wolverine Farm. A Fort Collins resident/migrant since 2017, he has in the past contributed to the art and working community a substantial body of work detailing a fleeting time and his attempts to preserve it: one year working as a farm hand, while living a migrant life. This expansive collection of film photographs and day-to-day writings culminated in his own self-published Native Stranger Periodical., first released in 2018. The very specific form and modus operandi of doing and publishing this periodical (book-length serial issues, the final copy typed on his 1959 Olympia Portable De Luxe, film shot on a single toy camera, a strictly adhered-to format, manually designed layout, finished products hand-bound by the author) may have been limiting factors for some, but he has turned its old school process, quirks and all, into a veritable writing discipline. Now the diaristic periodical he began has turned a corner. While working on the concluding issue of its first volume in early 2019, and working over the winter in far West Texas where he and his wife were maintenance rangers, Spangler began a somber diary entry after receiving the belated news of a friend’s sudden death. And he never stopped writing it, until he looked up and realized he had in the course of months sweated out the composition to his first novel. He is proud to announce that now in its final stages he plans to complete its (seventh) final draft during his residency this July. See more here.

Special event:

The Neverending West with Cory Marshall Spangler


AUGUST Riley Ann

Riley Ann is a musician & private music teacher in Fort Collins, Colorado, and a former high school English teacher. Her band The Catcalls has been featured in Relix Magazine, Denver Westword, Bandwagon Magazine, & more, and her music has been broadcast on radio stations around the world. More at rileyannsound.com and thecatcallsband.com

Special event:

Free Songwriting Workshop

MARCH Cori Storb

Cori Storb writes because she does not know how to build castles. Although she does know how to build epic treasure hunts, escape rooms, and miniature libraries with books the size of mints. She can be found most nights standing in old town Fort Collins holding a lantern which she uses to lure people to her escape room business: Somewhere Secret. She also spends years at a time traveling the earth capturing photographs and stories. She has been trapped on a pirate ship during a Canadian winter, ridden a camel through the desert swarming with clouds of black scarab beetles, and touched wet noses with a wild deer. Cori has a BA in storytelling. Her work can be seen at www.coristorb.com and instagram: @coristorb

Special events:

Language as a Found Object with Cori Storb, Writer in Residence, March 15, 4-6p

A Story With Cori–Writer in Residence Event, March 29, 4-6pm

FEBRUARY Thomas Ivory Jr.

Thomas is…
As the Colorado sun shine behind afternoonsnow storms. Reappear again before finallyset behind the Rocky Mountain. Peaksabove a valley where a pack of buffalowander. The northern ridge seek eternalenjoyment in the accompanimentof pine trees. And city wolverinesare howling at the moon! Cold winterstarvation for expression of self.
Thomas is…
a poet, journalist, and musician who lives on a farm near Severance, and found Wolverine like a donated book who kept being returned to the volunteer bookstore. Thomas is the co-founder of Beyond Academia Free Skool at Love Shovel Ranch in Nederland, CO.

Special event: Get Weird With Thomas, 2/29 from 4-7pm

JANUARY Ana Martinez-Casas

Ana Martinez-Casas is a Mexican writer. She has a Bachelor in Arts in Hispanic Literature and worked as a copy editor in a newspaper until she realized she craved adventure and started traveling the world. Her adventures have taken her to seven countries in Europe, she has bicycle-toured through Central America, scuba dived in the Caribbean Sea, snowboarded in the Colorado rockies, worked as a whitewater raft guide in the rivers of Colorado and as a backcountry guide in the Wind River Range in Wyoming, road tripped from Colorado to Alaska to rock climb, and has worked on a novel for the past seven years. She published a book of short stories, Flores inmundas (Flowers of Filth), in Spanish in 2014. Nowadays, she is very happy to study Tarot, translate her short stories to English, and to be Writer in Residence at Wolverine Farm. In the future, she will travel the world with her partner in a sailboat. You can follow her literary and other adventures on Instagram @anamtzcasas. Ana will spend her residency at Wolverine Farm in January working on a magical realism novel about the history of Mexico, from the time of the Conquest to the present day. She invites everyone to join in and write their everyday life with a little more magic.

Special Event: Magic Jars: On Magical Realism, The Extraordinary in Everyday Life Sunday January 26th, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.


JANUARY Joshua Zaffos

FEBRUARY Sarah Paige Ryan

MARCH Elaine Wall

APRIL Ally Eden

MAY John Staughton

JUNE Ivy Hughes

JULY Tirzah Goldenberg

AUGUST Brent Applegate

SEPTEMBER Chelsea Gilmore

OCTOBER Brianna Van Dyke

NOVEMBER Hanna Doreen Brown


JANUARY Michael Bussmann


MARCH Sue Ring deRosset

APRIL Laura Pritchett

MAY Ed Hall

JUNE Jason Hardung

JULY Jack Martin

AUGUST April Moore


OCTOBER Courtney Zenner