Wolverine Farm Publishing takes joy in creating our thoughtful, handcrafted literary journal. Each issue is a unique undertaking. In order to put out relevant, stirring poetry and prose we need authors who take on the challenge of challenging the world we live in.  Read more
The editors of Boneshaker believe that the bicycle, when conceived of and used appropriately, can become a tool for social change and community building. And though bicycling has become, for better or worse, an activity tied to radical undertones and bohemian implications, we are less interested in those types of categorizations and more so with simply riding bicycles to get where we are going.
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The spiritual successor to Matterhorn, The Fort Collins Courier brings information, tools, and expertise together to help out community members live engaged and more self-reliant lives. We want to explore the paths locals take and inspire visitors with our city’s unique charm.  Read more
Wolverine Farm also publishes other works such as Logodaedaly and the Tour de Fat Book. Projects such as these are considered on a case by case basis. Please see the submissions page for more details.