ASTRO FAIR registration 6/22, 5pm


Welcome! You have been selected to participate in this year’s ASTRO FAIR! Please add ONE of these to your cart and pay online. Your payment is considered your confirmation for this event!

This celebration of all things mystical and cosmic will be held on Saturday June 22, from 5-8pm in the outside courtyard (weather permitting, or upstairs of the Publick House (not ADA accessible)). $20 gets you a half table (roughly 3’x3′).¬† There is limited space for this event, please do not bring extra tables or floor stands, only things that can fit on your ~3’x3′ table top. Check in with our bar as early as 4pm when we re-open to set up for the 5pm start of the event.

For those of you doing readings of varying modalities, please try and have your sign ups be walk-ins and accessible day-of for folks walking through the event.

Encourage your friends and community to come on down and support you and the craft of others at the market too! If there are any questions, please email

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