November 11, 11am-4pm

A mystical-alchemical-cosmic arts fair brimming with readings (tarot, astrological, palm etc) and witchy occult artworks for sale. This marketplace ranges from earth based to star based interpretations of our existence through craft, artworks, stories, and various modalities of archetypal readings. 

Interested in participating with your darker craft? We are looking for BOTH creators of magical, spooky, and earth based artworks AND tarot, astrology, and other forms of readings. $20 gets you a table space (roughly 3x3ft) for the 5 hour market. 

Apply here to be part of this year’s AstroFair. We will be in touch by November 1st to let you know if you’ve made it and with more details!

*Please no animal sacrifices this time* 

*Good spirits are welcome, so long as they are just passing through* 

Interested in participating in AstroFair? Apply Here! Got questions? Email