Hover the river section for each artist to view the gallery for their work. Zoom further into the map to view notable landmarks along the river. You can toggle the visibility of each map layer in the bottom right corner and view the map legend in the top right. Map author: Amanda Hastings

Our annual outdoor art exhibit, The Year of the River, opens June 3rd, with a special performance from Goodnight, Texas.

We invite you to explore the Poudre River through the lens of creative interpretations from a dozen local artists outside and around the Publick House. Throughout the summer we are offering pub talks, storytelling events, readings, performances and more, stay tuned and hop on this boat!

Huge thanks to the amazing artists that have generously donated their time in participation so far. Explore their array of biographies and stories below:

Miles 0-12 Wolverine Farm Staff

Miles 13-25 Beth Lighthouse

Miles 26-38 Jeff Chelf

Miles 39-51 Faith Johnson

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Miles 52-64 Corey Wright

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Miles 65-77 Erin Parrot

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Miles 78-90 Indigo Deany

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Miles 91-103 Ally Eden + Alysia Kraft

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Miles 104-116 Cori Storb

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Miles 117-126 WF Staff

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Thank you so much and we will see you there!