Miles 13-25 | “Wild River” by Beth Lighthouse

Beginning with Hague Creek and Mirror Lake, which feed into the Cache la Poudre River from high in the mountains, my stylized river flows on and on, surrounded by cutouts of plants and animals who call the river their home. Along the way are bits of type-written poetry talking about the river.

I invite viewers to take some time to see what they might find: Butterflies? Red-winged blackbirds? Wild grapes? Rainbow trout?

The base of my river is in acrylic on wood panel backgrounds. I spent the past few months creating watercolor illustrations for this piece. All of the plants and animals used have been seen near the Poudre River by myself or a member of my family! After cutting and pasting, the pieces have been clear-coated within and inch of their lives to create the piece you see before you.

Artist Bio

Beth Lighthouse is a lifelong artist of many disciplines focusing mainly in acrylic paint, watercolors, and pen and pencil drawings.

As a long-time resident of Fort Collins she draws inspiration from the dynamic skies and colorful landscapes we enjoy here in Northern Colorado. Wild clouds, green leaves, blue mountains, bright flowers, local birds and butterflies being among her favorites, she is also inspired by bold contrasts, bright colors and the way light reflects off different surfaces. Her works have been hung in coffee shops, and can be seen on transformer cabinets around town.

Beth is a full-time mother of three and enjoys creating with her children. She finds time for her own work in the spaces in-between.

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