Miles 52-64 | “River, Monster” by Corey Wright

“River, Monster.” brings to life a barren wasteland where the scarcity of water becomes a reality. A desolate look at what the river could be if human impact increases as is projected. The river is now the animus, learning to walk and bringing with it the creekside, holding life of its own. The river is the protector, and holds secrets – reflecting back to the viewer the blood-red of what could be, if one does not find the monster in themselves.

MATERIALS – Local Aspen (Fallen), Cottonwood Branch (Fallen), Post Consumer Wood Waste, Plastic Toys, Epoxy, Wood Filler. 

Corey Wright is a northern Colorado furniture maker and musician looking to combine the worlds of high end woodworking and music in semi interactive art spaces that shed light on waste and the burgeoning human impact on both the planet and the human ‘self’. By creating multi-sensory art, the hope is to move you into the art and let the art move in you.