Miles 0-12 | “You Are Here” By Wolverine Farm Staff: Chad Seidel and Todd Simmons

A collaborative work between Chad Seidel and Todd Simmons, the sculpture is a representation of Poudre Lake, the headwaters of the Cache la Poudre River, located near Milner Pass in Rocky Mountain National Park. 

While the actual Poudre Lake is shallow and sometimes can resemble a bog or swamp, we intentionally leaned into the volcano shape to highlight the volatile nature of water in the West. A found pump, a made cloud, and a few key signs bring the piece into focus as the beginning of our beloved Cache la Poudre River. 

Chad Seidel, born and raised in Fort Collins, CO, is an artist with many dreams and many talents. Visit Chad at and

Todd Simmons has only one chicken left and is perhaps taking a break from chicken farming. He loved the opportunity to work with Chad on this collaborative artwork, and believes that Chad is way better than chickens, despite the fact that he cannot lay eggs. Todd is the director and founder of Wolverine Farm Publishing and Publick House. He loves to write, grow garlic, and sauna.