Miles 117-126 | “Confluence” by Chelsea Gilmore, Alex Runge, Beeta Vafaee, Chris Jones, Alex Woodcheck, Emily Tull, Alex Siggers, Rachel Samuels

Rivers are the oldest moving things. 

The veins of our great planet, cycling through and offering life to all that they reach. In observing this life force, there is wonder and contemplative opportunity at every bend. This true energy flow is a force many try to capture, and many hope to preserve. Is the river a being, a living, breathing, willful thinking thing? As the last free river (undammed) on the Colorado Front Range, find the wild, untamed, and poised inspiration you seek from these waters. Sit beneath a cottonwood tree and understand what it’s like to live in an ever-state of gazing into the sky, almost hoping to remain unnoticed, to be left to live an unassuming century in solitude. With its contemplative presence, let the river serve as a reminder of the stillness in motion.

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