Each month someone here at The Imaginable will put together a random assortment of songs, and also a few words about the songs. Curation and words by Chad Seidel. If you want to just listen to the playlist without interruption, click here. We try to keep it simple, so here goes:

This song soaked into me at the right age. It gave me the beginning of a story to build off of… 

It is raining and I’ve just been picked up from the airport. Hundreds of miles from home and all I can feel is love. It is 2014.

Home is god. Can we agree that all we need is safety and food and people who love and understand how our hearts are functioning? Can we please just harmonize?

Sometimes life gets tricky and we have to bond over our struggles, sometimes we have to overcome the urge to blame everything on others.

Have you ever been alone in Tampa, Florida?

I love the way songs can transport you to the place where you first heard them, or of an entire era of your life. A song holds memory in a way that a picture never could. Don’t forget about your sense of smell.

It’s clearly time to bump a little. You feel your head moving? Your shoulders? Why are your hands all of a sudden above your head? Oh yeah, cause this simple beat is not messing around.

I am not as heartbroken now as I was when I first heard this song, but, the future is as vast as the soul. It’s always a good idea to dance, no matter your emotional state.

I hope that someday I wake up and have shed my current body like an old cocoon and look in the mirror to discover that I am Beyonce.

Try to visualize layers and layers of hands dancing like butterfly echos.

We begin to lose language, falling into our own selves, our bodies become an old language, a language before the word. Space dust becoming.

Turn this up as loud as you possibly can, when the beat drops you will feel your entire past and future merge into one.

This is the slowdown after the bang. Hype is still up, but you still have to finish mopping and count the drawer before you get to go home.

The most important thing to know about this song is that she is talking about God, not a lover. You must remember, all our ancient myths came from further depths of ancient culture. We must look back to Sumeria to see where our minds came from and honor those that died on all sides of history. We are the products of pure evil and pure glory all coming together into one.

We near the end of this playlist. This anthem should treat you pretty well as you accend into the clouds made of fire.

Let’s honor complexity and figure out a way to build a temple for nuance to live in. The world is on fire and we know it. If in fact the children yelling YOLO are correct, although quite far from Buddhist thought, we might want to at least pretend it is true.

Jag tycker att du är vackert.