Boneshaker BA 43-400


Boneshaker BA 43-400
ISBN: 978-1-937896-06-5
Format: paperback, 128 pages
Release Date: 2013
Fireplace smoke lingers in the crisp morning air when we saddle up again. Our travels have taken us off the beaten path this summer, but we’re home once more and have for you, finally and irrevocably, the latest issue of Boneshaker: A Bicycling Almanac. Not unlike fall itself, this issue has a little bit of everything, from love letters and boys’ songs, to reminiscent curses and musings. Within these pages you’ll find poetry by Georgia’s J.P. Wares and Oregon’s Susan Denning and Genevieve Hudson, along with artwork by the talented Heather Dunn and the ever-raucous Mike Compton. Maureen Foley’s adventures of Smidge and Space roll toward an enlightening conclusion. Two friends climb a steep ascent and search secrets about themselves in Robert Grunau’s touching story. But wait, there’s more! Mel Wells wonders why she’s on a bike in Belgium taking the gospel door to door. Valerie Steen bike commutes in Alaska—where it’s fifty below zero. Brett Albert Poulin demonstrates how to make a DIY frame bag. Our French correspondent Florent Carriere covers an alleycat race in Lyon. PhD candidate Jared McBride thinks deeply on why and how we transport ourselves. Katie Boehnlien rides through four amazing seasons. And to top the issue off, Bike Commuter Betty offers advice on dealing with scofflaws, and Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler give you a photographic interview of bike commuters in South Africa. In all, this issue is a testament to the fact that a cyclist is shaped and constantly remade by the sheer physicality and exhilaration of the bike ride itself. Bicycling, as you well know, profoundly affects the way one sees the world.

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