Matter Journal 13: Edward Abbey


Matter Journal 13: Edward Abbey
ISBN: 978-0-9823372-5-7
Format: Paperback, 432 pages
Release Date: 2010

The thirteenth issue of Matter Journal celebrates the life, work, and legacy of author Edward Abbey (1927-1989) and that sacred, dangerous, crazy canyon-carved region of the West many call “Abbey’s Country.” The editorial collective at Matter Journal is pleased to offer this, our “Ed Abbey” issue, to those who adore Cactus Ed, to those who take issue with this controversial novelist and essayist, to those who may not have read an Abbey book in a few years, and to those who may be just now discovering this eloquent, passionate author and feisty defender of the wild American West. We hope that the collected voices in this issue provoke, inspire, agitate, infuriate, redirect, and get more folks out on the river, back in the woods, up in the mountains to fall in love all over again with the wilderness. So that we understand what we’re losing before it’s too late. Now, more than ever, we need Edward Abbey.

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